Based on the answers you gave in our Home Fitting Guide, it seems your cup and band size might be too small.


but first things first... how you feel in your bra is more important than anything.


Therefore, if you get this as a result, but you still feel great
wearing your bra, then that's perfect, because that's
exactly what a bra should do!
If you however feel not so great while wearing your bra,
we recommend you the following:

Try a bra with one cup size bigger and one band size bigger


Try a bra with the same cup size and one band size bigger

This might sound surprising at first, but it is based on the
principle of sister sizing and can do wonders, if your bra
does not make you feel as great as it should.

sister sizing explained...

According to the principle of sister sizing, a bra that has
a smaller cup but larger band, or bigger cup but smaller
band should fit you exactly the same.
To give you an example: let's say you are currently wearing
a 75B and it fits you extremely well.
You could also try:
80A  (going up one band size and down one cup size)
70C (going down one band size and up one cup size)
Trying sister sizes can deliver surprising results like more
comfort or better lift, so we definitely recommend you
give it a try next time you're trying on bras.

bra fit is more important than bra size!

Why do we say that?
Because your bra size can change depending on
which bra shape you are wearing, which brand the bra
comes from and also your hormones can influence your
breast volume and shape. This is why we recommend to
always order and try several sizes to
guarantee one bra will fit you.
Sister sizing helps you to identify which sizes could fit you as well. 

any questions?

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