One of the most sustainable ways of producing new fashion collections is to make them out of components that would have usually gone to waste. We consider featured products as recycled if the fabrics contain at least 30% pre- or post-consumer recycled materials, with the exception of recycled cotton at 20%

The plants that are the origin of the fiber of the textile have been cultivated through organic agriculture. We consider a fabric organic if at least 70% of its fibers come from certified organic farming.

We consider sustainable materials as fabrics that are neither organic, nor recycled, yet have a minimal impact on the environment. Textile designers and researchers around the world develop an amazingly huge range of new technologies every year to create new (semi-synthetic) fabrics that are sustainable.

Clothing that is made from cruelty-free sources, so no animal products were used in making the garments and components (such as glue, elastics, dye stuff), and no animal was harmed.

It's not only the raw materials of the fabric that have an impact on our planet but also which chemicals were used in the process, how is the waste water management of the facilities that spin the yarns and weave or knit the fabric. We consider cleanly produced items as those which do not impact the environment and humans in any harmful way.

We want to guarantee that the women and men making the products on our website are paid fairly, treated with respect, have safe working conditions, humane working hours, are not forced into labor or face discrimination.

One of the biggest challenges of the fashion industry is textile waste. Overproduction, discounting and cheap garments are the major contributors to ever growing landfills. We therefore consider made-to-order production an important criteria for conscious production. Instead of producing up front and then offering their collection for sale, made-to-order means that a brand first receives an order and then starts making it - often in their in house sewing room which minimizes waste and CO2 emissions. While there are no specific certifications (that we know of), made-to-order is part of a company's business model.

Local production reduces CO2 Emissions and ensures that strict European laws apply to working conditions, chemicals used for dyeing and material safety. We consider products made in Europe if at least 80% of the material contents are sourced from European countries (this includes Turkey) and all production is done within the European Union.

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